Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your techy loved one


It’s that time of year again. Maybe you like to celebrate the official day of love. Or maybe you and your partner don’t need a special day because you like to be lovey-dovey every day of the year. But there’s one thing most of us agree with: Buying chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day can be boring.

And that hairdryer or cordless drill you’re thinking about buying your partner might not fly.

But that doesn’t mean all electronic gifts are a no-go.

Take a gander at some of these tech treasures and make sure you stay in your partner’s good graces this year.



Like it or not, a lot of times your partner’s dog comes first in his or her heart. Try as you might, it’s hard to dislodge man’s best friend from the top of the affection list. Well, stop fighting it and embrace it. Use it to your advantage with a gift that’s sure to keep you out of the doghouse.

The Whistle Activity Monitor is a dog collar that measures a canine’s activity. The results can then be sent to a nominated smartphone. The collar is also a GPS, tracking your dog’s position. This takes the worry out of leaving the dog at home, opening up more time for you and your partner to hit the town.

A new smartphone


A very generous gift, if you’re so inclined, could be a new Android or iPhone. Go the extra mile and help them navigate all the cool new features, set up their contacts, sync accounts and load their apps.

A nice additional purchase is a screen guard. It may not exactly say “I love you” but it definitely says “I know you”. Make sure your loved one doesn’t run into any accidents with their brand new phone.


Zepp-Tennis1 (1)

So your partner spends a lot of time playing sport with friends. Instead of shelling out for more golf or tennis lessons (which, let’s face it, haven’t done the trick so far), or buying the nicest and most expensive piece of equipment, why not hook him or her up with something that lets them utilise the tools they already have?

A Zepp device monitors the movements of people while they play sport. The small gizmo clips to different parts of the body or gear and reads movements. Then the user can review the information on their smartphone, taking advantage of analysis from the device. Zepp is great for anybody that plays golf, tennis, baseball or softball.



The best kinds of gifts are the ones that are sneakily for both of you. A subscription to Netflix is a perfect example. The powerful streaming subscription service is finally coming to Australia and is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Affordable rates mean you can go ahead and get a year-long subscription for the one you love without breaking the bank. Then sit back together and watch all the TV shows and movies you guys can handle.

Logitech UE Boom wireless speakers


Being able to play music anywhere at any time isn’t worth much if you’re the only one that can hear it. That’s why portable speakers are a must these days. There are a range of speakers of different quality and price. Toward the top of the line you’ll find the Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom. Perfect for bouncing between rooms inside the house, hosting friends outside on the balcony or patio or taking on trips, UE Boom speakers provide high-quality sound no matter the occasion.

Looking for Bluetooth or NFC speakers? Or just regular ol’ headphones? Check out the audio section on the iiOnlineStore.



Remember the days of trying to create the perfect mix tape for your loved one? Remember how long you pored over that list of songs and tried to construct the exact perfect order to convey a message through the music and lyrics of hit tunes? And then crafting the perfect liner notes to go with it?

Well musical chivalry doesn’t have to be dead. Milktape is a USB flash drive shaped like a cassette tape. Just come up with about 15 songs and load them onto Milktape like any other flash drive. Then hand it over to the one you love and wait for them to ask you to formal.

Action camera


Action cameras aren’t new on the tech scene, but that doesn’t make them any less of a good idea this Valentine’s Day. Small action cameras are great for travelling with your partner, whether it’s on a hike through some mountains in a foreign land, swimming with sharks or simply heading up to the local park to spend time together or with the kids. There are several models to choose from depending on your price range.

Portable chargers


One of the most common sources of complaints in relationships is a breakdown in communication. With portable chargers – a dead battery is one less thing to worry about. There are many different companies that produce high-quality pieces that fit plenty of charging cables, so figure out which one’s right for you.

The iiOnlineStore has a range of charging devices from spare connector cables (handy tip: keep one at work) to portable charging devices like the Innergie Portable Charging Pack.

Guardian Angel necklace


Jewelry on Valentine’s Day is never a bad idea. But this is more than just a fancy piece of silver.

The Guardian Angel necklace is sleek and stylish but also serves a great purpose. It has a hidden button that, when pressed, activates a call to your phone. Consider yourself saved from awkward situations from here on out.

But that’s not all. Holding the button will send a message to a nominated number, alerting them that you may be in some type of danger. Plus, portions of the profits from the sale of the Guardian Angel pieces go toward a group working to prevent abuse against women. Silver, sleek, stylish, and safe: sounds like a great gift for this Valentine’s Day.

Piix digital photo frame

piix01 copy

People rarely print photos these days, but that doesn’t mean the picture frame also has to go by the wayside. Instead of displaying one photo at a time, allow your partner to have his or her choice of shots displayed on a digital photo frame. The Piix Digital Photo Frame lets you update pictures thanks to it’s own SIM card. So you can text photos to your loved one, even when you’re apart.

Looking for more tech gadget ideas? Don’t forget to check out the iiOnlineStore brought to you by iiNet.

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