Valentine’s Day gets techy

The Christmas decorations have only just been packed away and yet it’s time for another card-and-gift buying occasion.

Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day, creeping up on us already.

Never fear though, you can make the most of technology to ensure you get a lot of <3 on Valentine’s Day, rather than risk finding your Facebook relationship status changed to ‘single’ after February 14th.

Countdown calendar

No, it’s not as fun as an advent calendar but there are Valentine’s Day calendar apps. I kid you not. Even if you’re not counting down the days in anticipation, it’ll serve as a useful reminder that cupid’s on his way, just in case your significant other has high expectations.


First up, you need to sort out a card. Who doesn’t love a thoughtful card? This year, why not go techy with a digital version? Created by the co-founder of Instagram’s girlfriend, Lovestagram allows you to send customized Valentine’s Day cards using your Instagram photos.

Love horoscopes

A quick skim through iTunes found several ‘Love Horoscope’ apps, just in case the alignment of the moon will impact your mood on Valentine’s Day. What I’ve never understood though, is what happens if you’re both the same star sign? Doesn’t that get confusing? How can we BOTH follow the same advice?

Picking a restaurant

Old favourite Urban Spoon can help here, letting you pick a perfect Valentine’s Day restaurant for that special meal, just so you don’t end up in a family friendly burger bar instead of a romantically lit bistro. Unless, of course, being surrounded by fries and toddlers is your idea of a romantic evening.


Or, if you’re planning to stay in this Valentine’s Day, why not customize a romantic menu for your loved one. If YouTube tutorials on how to shuck an oyster sound too complicated, perhaps you should just stick to a box of chocolates instead, no advice required. Just sayin’.

Music apps

Wow, every day really is a school day. I just discovered there are TONS of Valentine’s Day playlist apps out there. Just make sure to listen in advance, in case there are awkward moments, like if Bruno Mars “I wanna marry you” comes on and you didn’t get a ring….

…and if you’re single

You could always use this most loved-up of days to find your soulmate with apps like ‘Singles Around Me’. Or, buy yourself some nice chocolates and use the money you’ve saved on a card to download Angry Birds Star Wars instead.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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