This is why some VIC residents aren’t switching to the NBN™

Get Rocketfast internet!

Residents in Geelong, Mildura, and Ballarat – if you haven’t already heard the news, make sure you read on!

There’s a lot of talk around the NBN™ network at the moment, but did you know that rocketfast cable broadband plans with Liimitless data may be already available in your area?

We simply call it “Cable”, but iiNet’s very own ultrafast, state-of-the-art Cable broadband network utilises Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cabling to deliver fast, and reliable internet packaged with Liimitless data to your address.

How fast is Rocketfast Cable Broadband?

iiNet’s Rocketfast HFC plan delivers typical evening download speeds of 200Mbps. That’s pretty speedy!

Keep in mind that actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to various factors including interference, customer cabling and equipment, download source, and line length.

Rocketfast broadband plans at price that is out of this world!

The best bit? Sign up to a 24 month plan and we’ll take 50% off the monthly cost for the first year – that’s only $39.99/mth for the first year instead of $79.99/mth (Min cost $1509.75*). Savings like that can make a big difference to your monthly budget!  

On top of this, with iiNet, the number one in customer service, you’ll receive unlimited data plans at affordable prices and a 24/7 technical support team. Any time of the day or night: if you need us, we’ll be there!

Unlike on the NBN™, we control the process end to end so we’re not reliant on third party providers. This allows us to offer even better value and great download speeds to our customers.

With rocketfast download speeds, unlimited data and all your local and standard national calls included, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to grab an iiNet Cable plan available exclusively in Geelong, Mildura, and Ballarat. Check your address on our website and give our friendly team a call on 13 19 17 and we’ll be happy to help get you connected.

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*Offer only available to new customers on 24 month contract. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Min cost includes $59.99 standard installation fee + $10.00 freight charge. Available in selected coverage areas.


  1. ken skilbeck says:

    Is there only 1 plan for cable

  2. Philip says:

    1. I currently have HFC cable thru IINET.
    2. The best speed I have achieved is 47MBPS
    3. This is what IINET called Super fast Broadband.
    4. Yes, I am aware of amount of users,Modems,Router, Weather etc,etc…I have never reached 90 to 100MBPS even in downtime at 2am in the morning??
    5. Do I need to switch to (No Bloody Network) NBN to achieve more slow speeds or at best the NBN tends to have a reputation of NOT connecting at all…but lets take your money anyway!!
    6. I do NOT and have not had a PSTN landline for over 25 years, why would you with Smart phones?? Question is why cant the NBN connect homes faster for those who DO NOT want a PSTN??
    7. What speed and how is this measured from Node to Home using copper wire?
    8. Latency is a huge problem…so if you are advertising speeds at best say, 70 Mbps…the REAL speed will at be 35MBPS. You will need a latency of no more than 3MSec to achieve 90 MBPS. Can IINET achieve that?
    Rather than the advertising ‘bling’ and marketing talk about ‘Plans’ is there a Tech Division I can talk to to answer my questions rather than just try to sell me something that as yet DOES NOT WORK. NBN co have advertised they will be in our area to cut over approx December 17…this is INCORRECT, This will now be AT BEST cut over from April 2018 onward due to the copper wire being aged by at least 45 to 50 yrs.

    I would like it if someone could answer my concerns and NOT ignore me and many others that have tried to contact IINET.

    Thank you

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Philip,

      Thanks for your detailed questions!

      Regarding iiNet Cable speeds, we’re always happy to take a look at your service to see why your speeds are not as you expect. We can always arrange action to have this improved. We do have a specialist team available on 13 30 61 that can help.

      There is no need for you to switch to the NBN, as you’re already on our network and depending on the NBN type being rolled out to your area, your connection speeds may be the same or less. Speed is measured directly to the modem from the Node, if a FTTN service is connected.
      As far as latency and speeds are concerns – these are all absolute unknowns. There is simply no way for us to give an accurate assessment until the service is connected as we don’t have access to the information regarding the infrastructure you’ll be connecting to (ie, where the Node is, what copper cable pair would be used, its condition, any pits or joins used, etc).

      – Leo

  3. Barbara Lang says:

    I was previously connected to Internet through Transact but even though I was happy with that. It changed to IiNet. I haven’t used my computer for around 3 years but I still got charged every month I had a bundling agreement with Transact. To get the discounts on my electricity bill. So far even though some workmen came to get me the Internet and WiFi they were unable to do it They didn’t seem to know how to do it. After waiting days on the phone to get someone to help I am still getting charged every month for a service that I don’t have. The charges hav continued for over 3 years I need someone who knows what I can do

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Thanks for reaching out to us, Barbara. We’ve managed to locate your account and have passed on your concerns to our Support team. We expect a Customer Service Representative will be in contact shortly to discuss this further.

      – Brianna

  4. Steve says:

    Grantville is a small town on the Bass Coast Hwy. We’re a small town but that doesn’t mean we walk around with our eyes closed! It looks like there is cable to the end of Acacia Road but no `node’ infrastructure. Nobody is going to sign up in a rush until we have an idea of what kind of speed we can expect from nodes that are hiding 🙂

  5. Bob says:

    All I need is a reliable home telephone service.

    Unfortunately I have been told the NBN will remove my home telephone service and replace it with an inferior service via the modem and dependent on power being available to the house.

    What happens in an emergency or when there are power outages?

    Please HELP !!!!!!!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Bob,

      You’re absolutely correct, as you’ll need to have some sort of backup in place. We do recommend that customers that must have constant access to a landline for reasons such as an emergency health alert, monitored alarms or other critical devices, speak to the incumbent, as they’re the only provider that offers a Priority Assistance service for voice services, even on the NBN.

      – Leo

  6. Jean says:

    I need my landline for my security system and also to hear a call as I have a hearing problem and can’t hear on my mobile phone. I’ve just read about non and I’m very worried I live in MILDURA. Victoria

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Jean,

      We certainly understand your concerns here and this is something that is shared by our customers.

      With regards to your alarm system, have a chat to your alarm system provider. They may be able to help sort out options for you if you do need to go to NBN.

      – Leo

  7. Poul A Kirkebjerg says:

    We live in South Guildford in Western Australia. We are not on NBN, despite promises from IINET. Sometimes, out internet performance is terrible, and never really good.
    When will it get fixed.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Poul,

      This is concerning to hear – we’ve identified the account but do recommend speaking to Support if you haven’t done so already, as there may be a line issue at play.

      – Leo

  8. MICHAEL DOYLE says:

    My current access through Iinet is good enough for me at the moment. Why shouldnt I wait until 5G is available next year?