The Wait is Over: Samsung Galaxy S4 is here


The Samsung Galaxy S4 has arrived and is available online through the iiNet website and at the iiStore in Perth.

It’s not just the latest and greatest. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has strong core functionality plus a range of exciting new features to check out.

Core specifications

Samsung’s latest addition to the family is an outstanding flagship product. It has exceptional processing power and storage capacity.

  • Gorgeous 5-inch display with full HD Super AMOLED technology – bright and sharp images.
  • Strap on your seat belt because the Galaxy 4S has some serious speed with a 1.9GHz Quad-core processor.
  • Internal storage capacity of 16GB plus expandable storage.
  • A 2,600mAh battery gives you more fun and play time.
  • Runs on the latest Android operating system 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean).

With a solid foundation that’s reliable enough to take on whatever you do during the day, the Galaxy S4 also has some new software features that are sure to dazzle and delight.


Smart Scroll lets you scroll through emails or websites just by looking at the screen and tilting the phone.

We bet you can’t wait to test this feature – Smart Pause. If you look away while watching a video, it will pause to make sure you don’t miss anything. Then when you turn back, playback resumes. Simple yet amazing.

The Galaxy S4 also has Air View/ Air Gesture. With a flick of your hand you can take a call, change the song or flick through your photos. Now you can browse the net while having your lunch – without the sticky fingerprints.

Amazing in every language

Parlez-vous francais? For those who love to travel, the S Translator is the ultimate companion. Just say or text what you need translated and the Galaxy S4 will read or text back the translation.

You’ll know the difference between poulet (chicken) and escargots (snails). Get tips from the locals and know the location of the nearest bathroom. It’s like starring in your own foreign film, complete with subtitles.

Shutter-Bug Action

Wherever you go, the Galaxy S4 will help you capture sound and images to share with family, friends and work colleagues.

  • A dual camera for double the action. The 13 Megapixel camera has Dual Shot so you can take a photo with the front camera and add it to the photo you take with the rear camera.
  • You can also record sound while you take photos – it’s like a talking postcard.
  • Loads of other useful camera functions like Drama Shot, Cinema Shot and Cinema Play.

Life in the fast lane

This baby is 4G Compatible and you know what that means: smoother transitions and faster response. Get breaking news as it happens and update your status before your friends have even opened an app.

iiNet will soon be launching 4G plans so stay tuned for the latest plans and coverage.

The Wrap Up

People will love the Galaxy S4’s

  • Core functionality with faster processing and
  • Cutting edge features like the S Translator, Smart Scroll & Pause, Air Gesture.

Business professionals will love the

  • Speed: no mucking about, get in and out of applications like a pro.
  • Crisp 5-inch display that makes viewing documents and presentations a pleasure.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available at iiNet for

  • $33/month on a 24 month contract
  • Or buy it outright for $792

To get your Galaxy S4 quick smart just visit our website for more detailed information on specifications.


  1. Steve Tailor says:

    when do we get the 4g for the phones?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Steve,

      4G is already available for business and is coming very soon for residential customers. So keep your eyes peeled on our website for more information shortly.

  2. Kevin says:

    I would get it , but can hear the wife now

    You are always wasting money blah blah blah

    Might be worth putting up with

    Sneak it in


  3. Spencer says:

    I have always been a droid user. I can’t wait to experience how smart scroll work.

  4. Dave says:

    ‘Internal storage capacity of 16GB plus expandable storage.’

    should be rephrased to

    Internal storage capacity of 8GB(16GB if you removed the Android OS and Samsung apps) plus expandable storage.

  5. william grant says:

    what do you get for $33 per month

  6. howie says:

    I’m getting one for sure. What carrier does iinet use?

  7. Kodo says:

    I recently had to buy a Samsung Galaxy 1 as my only form of internet access in a remote part of Canada and as an iPhone user for 4 yrs, I think I might almost be convinced to try the Galaxy as my permanent option

  8. guy says:

    I got one and it is the best mobile on the planet by that far it isn’t funny !!

  9. Robert says:

    Virgin has the S4 for $2p/m on a 24month plan…$33p/m you have gotta be kidding?

  10. Jon says:

    Is this sold network-locked?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Howdy Jon,

      All of our handsets are not locked down to any network so you won’t need to have us change any settings if you find yourself using another carrier’s SIM in it.

  11. Rafal says:

    I would love to get one of these, but they’re so big, I wouldn’t know where to put it! Does it come with a beltclip? 😛

  12. looks awesome i’m still not convinced to jump ship yet as i’ve spent so much on my iphone apps

  13. chris shenton says:

    still cant get email on my samsung galaxy s11 ,
    asked for help , from help desk , information i was given , was a waste of time .

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Chris,

      It depends on the email address you are trying to set up. You’ll need to know the incoming mail server for it and any usernames/passwords it requires. For the outgoing email server, we recommend using for the server, settings to authenticate with your iiNet email address as the username and relevant password on port 587.

      If it’s an iiNet email address, set the incoming email server to with the username being the full email address and password being the password for that email address.


  14. stanos says:

    My wife always recharging her samsung 2/4 time a day. how good is the batery in the new Galaxy 4?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Stanos,

      As per the technical specs on the website, the Galaxy S4 has a 2600mAh battery and is rated for up to 10 hours talk time and up to 450 hours standby time, depending on how it’s used.


  15. Kim Liddelow says:

    How about testing battery life or at least a comment please. I have a galaxy s2 and its biggest problem is battery life. I am an intermittent user but still need to charge twice a day

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Kim,

      Battery life can vary depending on a few factors. The more services that are running, the more the battery the drain, especially with CPU/data/GPS-intensive applications. We would recommend switching off Bluetooth until times when you need it. Do the same with GPS and be wary of apps running in the background that might be using more usage than expected.


  16. Don. Hawksworth says:

    I’ll have to wait for 4G, Anything running under Optus in this area (Flagstone 4280 Qld)
    has pitiful coverage. Even with 3G i’ts not worth the trouble of carrying a ‘phone.
    I’m looking at installing a CB radio in my car.!!!

  17. Tim says:

    The more automated feature phones have the more likely they are to do something you don’t want to do right when you don’t want to do it. OS that try to compensate for a users lack of knowledge or create convenience tend to take power and ease away from the user. I’m in favour of simplicity, not flashy features.

  18. Jerome says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 part of iiNet plan. I received 2 months ago. Is here any way I can upgrade the S3 to S4, with the same 33$ plan?

    I am OK to pay an upgrade.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Jerome,

      Currently there is no upgrade path for S3 users to move to an S4.


      • Kevin Graham says:

        Does iinet have a time frame to upgrade the path for S3 users to move to an S4?

        • Tal Waterhouse says:

          Hi Kevin,

          We don’t presently have any plans to change the current system for repayments and handset upgrades. If you’re on an S3 repayment and would like to move to an S4 repayment for the same service, the only option would be to finalise the repayments on the S3 and pay off any remaining amount owing before commencing the S4 plan.


  19. Rohini says:

    I can purchase it for $699 from Kogan. Thanks

  20. Peter Hansen says:

    Very nice looking phone and this isn’t a bad price at all! I have one nagging question I’ve been asking about the i9505 in a few places. Up till now all I’ve got is a copy and paste of the spec from Samsung and various different answers. Question-does this phone(the iinet/westnet sales item) have all 6 4g/lte frequencies on board as you buy it? I’ve asked this question of several forums etc. about their ‘version’ of the i9505 and had answers like-yes,all 6 frequencies,yes but only 1800/2600mhz,um not sure(copy/paste details of the local samsung and even overseas versions).Very confusing answers for a pretty fair financial outlay.(sad/confused face)Oh-one other question-is there any telco software on board if you buy it outright?. Thanks kindly!

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Peter,

      The Samsung Galaxy S4 we have in stock supports 4G/LTE on the following bands: 800/850/900/1800/1900MHz. The software included on the device includes the Samsung apps, music/readers/game hubs, ChatON. It does not contain any iiNet-specific apps.


  21. johf says:

    Samsung and Android – a perfect match!

  22. Illa Bhatt says:

    I have not used galaxy’s smart phone as yet it seems looks very cool tools have i need one so think i need in near future