Experience a different reality this Jurassic Science Week

by Valance Phua

To celebrate National Science Week 2011 (13 – 21 August), we’ve teamed up with Scitech and the  Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research to bring extinct dinosaurs back with Augmented Reality (AR). We’ve called our experiment Jurassic Science Week; and you can expect it to stomp through a capital city near you this August (more from us on this soon).

If you’ve never heard of ‘augmented reality’ before, it’s a type of technology which combines the real with the virtual. Unlike virtual reality which replaces the real world with a simulated one, augmented reality gives us a view of reality which has been tweaked, enhanced or augmented.

In the last couple of months, we’ve been working closely with Scitech on our first (humble) foray into AR territory. Why? Well, for starters, dinosaurs have always been pretty cool in our books, plus the AR thing is something nifty, innovative, and right up our alley. By the time Jurassic Science Week rolls around, you’ll be able view our computer generated dinosaurs through an AR-enabled smartphone. Again, stay tuned – if you’re keen to get prehistoric, we’ll share more on what you need to walk with the dinosaurs.

A month ahead of Jurassic Science Week, we’re almost there with preparations. We’ve finished cutting code and have our virtual dinos ready to go. Now it’s just a matter of racking up my Frequent Flyer miles and testing each of our locations. Right now, I’m checking in from Sydney on day six of my tour through 14 cities and towns. So far, I’ve checked Port Augusta, Sydney and Newcastle off my list. Next stop – our nation’s fair capital, Canberra.

If you’d like to keep tabs on my progress or sneak a peek of what’s happening this Jurassic Science Week, feel free to follow my Twitter ( or Four Square ( accounts. Otherwise, check back for more iiNet Blog posts – I’ll share another update later this month. Until next time!


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