Get more out of your Westnet mobile with our new plans


Have you heard the good news about our mobile plans? If not, here it is! Our brand new range of SIM-only mobile plans brings you more mobile data, more calls and more SMS than ever before at great monthly prices – all on no lock-in contract!

We’ve got the perfect plan for you

There are five new plans available, tailored to suit your mobile usage. For the chatterboxes out there looking for a cheap and cheerful plan, it’s hard to go past our budget-friendly options at a mere $15 and $19.99/month. These affordable plans are jam-packed with a whopping $550 of call value which you can use on standard national AND international calls plus SMS so you have the flexibility to choose who you keep in touch with. Looking to call a friend in a certain country? You can check out the call rates on our website.

Those who like to get on the ‘net while they’re on the go may be interested in our mid-range plans at just $24.99 and $29.99/month. They’ve got a hearty helping of monthly data plus standard national calls and SMS are all-inclusive so you can talk and text without a care. If you’ve got connections overseas, it’s worth noting that the $24.99 plan has Pay As You Go international calls while the $29.99 plan gives you $100 of international call value each month – that’s a pretty nice upgrade for just the price of a coffee!

Want to go all out? Our $37.99/month plan has the most value out of the entire range without busting your budget. With 9GB of monthly mobile data, all-inclusive national calls/SMS and a huge $300 of international call value, it’s a great deal for people who use their phones to get things done!


Min charge is one month’s plan fee + $10 SIM card fee (new Mobile customers only) on a no lock-in contract.

All plans have easy-peasy excess data blocks in case you use up all your monthly data. They’re priced at $10 for 1GB of data (or part thereof) and you’ll get a notification each time a block is added so you can keep track of your data usage. That means no more nasty shocks when you get your bill at the end of the month!

BIG value packed in an itty-bitty SIM

Our mobile plans are BYO Mobile, which means you bring the mobile handset, and we’ll bring the SIM card. As long as your handset is compatible with the Australian 3G/4G mobile network, you’re good to go! We’ve got SIM cards in all sizes – Standard, Micro and Nano – for only $10 each, which includes delivery right you your door.

It’s worth noting that if you already have a Westnet SIM card, you don’t need to buy a new one to get these new plans, you just need to upgrade your mobile plan by following the steps below.

How to switch the easy way

If you’re already a Westnet mobile customer, switching plans is easy – just log in to MyAccount and select My Products > Mobile > Change plan. If you have other Westnet services but not Westnet mobile, it’s a little different – you’ll need to click Add Products > Mobile instead.

Not with Westnet? Don’t stress – you don’t have to be a broadband customer to take up a mobile plan. As long as you’ve got an unlocked mobile handset*, we can help! Just click the link below to find the perfect mobile plan.

Get more out of your mobile today!

*Westnet Mobile operates over the Optus mobile network. It may be necessary for your handset to be unlocked before it can work with our SIM cards.



  1. victor holyoak says:

    do you use telstra as a carrier or which company ?

  2. Darren says:

    Is there any price change to other bundled products (home phone/broadband) if switching from a Westnet SIM 4G (Bundled) plan to one of these new ‘residential’ plans?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Darren,

      No, there is no change to your other products if you move to a different mobile plan including the current one.

      – Leo

  3. Ellen Ward says:

    I would love to have a plan, but where I live in Roleystone there is no reception, I have been a westnet user for as long as you have been running, is there any plan that has a rollover where I pay my 15.00 a month, but if it doesnt get used it can roll over to the next month.
    As stated can only use it when I am travelling down the hill, I lose so much money buying pre paid that runs out , I have a samsung 4 or 5 mobile hoping ypu can answer these questions
    Regards Ellen Ward

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ellen,

      Very interesting questions, thank you!

      There isn’t a data rollover option, but we are always reviewing our plans and working with our wholesaler on improvements, so keep an eye out, just in case. Interesting to hear that you have a coverage issue where you are in Roleystone, as most of that area should have some sort of coverage, even legacy 3G. Have you had a look at the coverage map, just in case?

      – Leo

  4. David Lawson says:

    Will Westnet match any mobile plan. I may change if that is the case

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      We sadly don’t have the ability to match or customize plans – we believe strongly in the plans we offer so what we have on our website is what we do retail.

      – Leo

  5. Maureen says:

    How much does it cost to unlock from a Telstra pre-paid phone and transfer to Westnet? And can I keep my original number?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Maureen,

      Besides a once off SIM charge of $10, it doesn’t cost anything to change – you can even keep your own number!

      Have a chat to your current provider if you bought the handset from them, to clarify if it is already locked and can be unlocked.

      – Leo

  6. Hanno kemeny says:

    Can someone come to my house pre arranged and help with new plan and NBN set up

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Hanno,

      Sadly, we don’t offer this service, but there are local companies that can offer assistance for in person support. Please remember that our connections are designed to be very easy to setup, with the supplied modem being a simple plug and play affair, with simple to follow instructions. If you do get stuck, we can help!

      – Leo

  7. Justin says:

    How about if you have to data roam? Is there a plan /charge for roaming overseas on a short term basis?

  8. Jacqueline Gilchrist says:

    A couple of questions about Westnet Mobile. I have Westnet Satellite Internet and currently have a Telstra Mobile service with 4GX phone which only gets coverage (phone and net)from a windowsill in the house. Can Westnet provide a better option?

  9. S. Oliver says:

    I am totally fed up with commercial advertising pushing in when I am trying to make a call. How can I stop these pests? If the call is urgent, they are just making things dangerous.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Strange to hear, what sort of advertising is it you’re getting and how are these coming through on the device you’re using to make the calls?

      – Tal

  10. Bev Smith says:

    I have a great mobile plan with you at the moment but only on 3G. Are these all 4G? If so, I’d probably change over to the new $20 plan for a 4G SIM.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Bev,

      Yes! Our plans are ALL 4G plans, so you’re able to move over and take up a 4G SIM.

      – Leo

  11. Joan &Ferrie says:

    PleSe advise if I can do better or not on the plan I currently have with you.


    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Joan,

      Sadly we aren’t able to see what you have or who you’re currently with! However, our Sales team can lend a hand on 13 19 60.

      – Leo

  12. ED HEARN. says:

    Hello Gina.
    Have a mobile through westnet with
    westnet sim card.I have a 30$ package Would
    any advantage in changing to the 15$ package
    that you advertise now please?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ed,

      This is well worth a look. Did you know that you can change mobile plans via the MyWestnet page? Give it a go – you’ll be able to see your current plan there as well as the newly released plans.

      – Leo

  13. Pattie Brown says:

    Your mobile plans are extremely good but they are no good for us to take advantage of as we only have Telstra reception available

  14. Kevin Reynolds says:

    Can someone ring me about the phone plan

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Kevin,

      Absolutely – we’ll have a staff member reach out to you to have a chat about this. In the meantime, you can also review these via the Westnet website or change to them via the MyWestnet page.

      – Leo

  15. Roy Jones says:

    I live in Toowoomba Qld and at present on a Telstra plan (pre Paid) Does your mobile plan or apparatus has the same coverage as Telstra mobile phones.

  16. David Brown says:

    We currently have both our mobiles on the 2gb $29.99 package. Will these automatically switch to the new plan?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      Mobile plans aren’t upgraded automatically, just in case there is a risk of a detrimental change. However, you are more than welcome to head into the MyWestnet page and upgrade to the new mobile plans there!

      – Leo

  17. Ned Wood says:

    I have been waiting a long time to use my Samsung phone on line and would like someone to design a plan for me along what I already have. If my phone is connected outside the house I don’t need a home phone anymore. I don’t want to my monthly bill to increase.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ned,

      This is an interesting situation to be in. If you’re already an On-Net ADSL2+ customer, you can consider switching to Naked DSL, which removes the dialtone and therefore the line rental. Whilst your internet will still work down the phone line, there is a potential cost saving there.

      One other option is to login to Toolbox and take a look at your current data use. Is it very low? Compare it to what the mobile plans offer and then against what your current plan has. Also keep in mind that NBN may be on its way as well.

      – Leo

  18. Mela says:

    I just came across this comment (in your reply to a poster’s querie):

    “…you’re already an On-Net ADSL2+ customer, you can consider switching to Naked DSL, which removes the dialtone and therefore the line rental.”

    I have ZERO techno know-how but the possibility of eliminating line rental fee for my landline appeals to me! I rarely use my landline so my bill is usually just the cost of the line. Is there some way to keep the landline but eliminate the line rental fee? I don’t know what “Naked DSL” is, or if I have it, but does it allow for eliminating renting the phone line??? Probably not…just thought I’d check .

    I currently have a (landline) phone & internet bundle with Westnet – now into my 7th or more year. I’m keen to transfer to Westnet for my mobile once my current contract expires with Optus. Dealing with Optus is a nightmare (SHOCKING/NON-EXISTANT customer service) – unlike Westnet wh9m I’ve NEVER had a problem with!


  19. Brian Porter says:

    I have an optus postpaid mobile plan
    The 2yr contract expires on 5th May.
    If I get one of your sims do I retain my current phone number?
    Also do I have to notify Optus that I am switching to Westnet
    I have my home nbn with Westnet by the way.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Brian!

      To answer you questions:

      * You absolutely can retain your current mobile number
      * You don’t need to notify Optus of your move to us – they’ll see the number move away from them.

      Best of all, you can add this via the MyWestnet page!

      – Leo