Westnet’s new SIM-only mobile plans


If you’re looking for a better mobile deal, look no further – our latest SIM-only mobile plans are here, delivering more data and inclusions than ever at amazing prices!

All you need to do is bring a 3G/4G-compatible mobile device, and we’ll bring the SIM card!

In addition to awesome value, our new range of plans have some great new features to make your life easier. Read on to find out more.



Our new mobile plans

All of our new mobile plans offer UNLIMITED talk & text to Standard Australian numbers and $0 SIM delivery on a no lock-in contract. We’ve got a range of monthly data plans to suit everyone’s needs.

Thanks to our special offer, new Mobile customers can even score their plan for half price for the first six months!


Excess Data $10/2GB. 6 month offer available for new Westnet mobile customers only. For use in Australia.


Bill shock protection

Switch to Westnet Mobile and say goodbye to nasty surprises on your mobile bill. Our new prepaid plans put you in complete control of your mobile spend. In order to use your mobile service for calls, texts or data outside of your monthly plan value (e.g. excess data $10 for 2GB) you can top up your optional Prepaid Balance online in MyAccount.


Check your coverage

Our new mobile plans are powered by the Vodafone network, which covers over 23 million Aussies! In the last 3 years alone, Vodafone have spent well over $3 billion on its mobile network to increase coverage and performance.

To check coverage in your area, here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit our website.
  • Scroll down and select Coverage to open our coverage checker.
  • Confirm your mobile device.
  • Search an address.
  • Coverage will be shown on the map.



Ready to get Westnet Mobile?

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  1. Michelle Cronin says:

    Do you have to get a new number with this deal or can you transfer a number over to iiNet?

  2. Helen Coombs says:

    Are you able to transfer data on my current SIM? Is there a store to take my phone to so I could have this transfer?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Helen,

      We aren’t able to transfer data for you – you’ll need to download it to your phone and then go from there.

      – Leo

  3. bill says:

    Are there discounts for seniors?

  4. Maricar Crooks says:

    Could I go to a Vodafone Shop to set up one of the plans?

  5. Adrian Edwards says:

    The fine print under the monthly payment says ” for the first 6 months”.
    Please expand on the detaills.
    Yhank you.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Adrian,

      This is a six month, half price offer, so once the six months is up, the plan returns to its normal price. For example, the $10 SIM is usually $19.99 per month. We discount it down to $10 for the first six months, after this, it returns to $19.99.

      – Leo

  6. Diane Gill says:

    I’m not happy to change. I had $300 international call spend & international sms included now it’s 100 minutes & have to pay for international texts. That’s not good enough for me.

  7. Joanne says:

    Can I add on a cellular Apple Watch to my plan?

  8. Robert Newey says:

    This sounds great for 6 months, but what will be the cost after this?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Robert,

      This is a six month, half price offer, so once the six months is up, the plan returns to its normal price. For example, the $10 SIM is usually $19.99 per month. We discount it down to $10 for the first six months, after this, it returns to $19.99.

      – Leo

  9. Robert (Bob) Wemm says:

    Is there a map which shows the areas covered by Vodafone and areas that are not covered.
    It’s easy to say that Kalbarri is covered but what about 25 Km south of Kalbarri???????

  10. Robert (Bob) Wemm says:

    So 95% of W.A. will have no coverage????

  11. Robert (Bob) Wemm says:

    Hi Leo,
    Sure there are a lot of people covered but the AREA covered is less than 95%. I cannot get reception 20km south of Kalbarri, with Westnet or Vodafone.
    We do a lot of travelling and where we go there is absolutely no coverage so that service is useless.

  12. Beth says:

    Hi. What does “Standard Australian numbers” mean really ?
    Mobile numbers only … or … are landline numbers included ? What about 13 numbers … how much are we charged for them ? Are 1800 numbers still free ?
    Thank you for answering my queries.

  13. Peter says:

    Some providers use the Telstra network (eg Pennytel, Southern Phone) but we’re told it’s the Telstra “commercial” network and therefore doesn’t provide full Telstra coverage. We’re currently with Vodafone, but I wonder would we get the same range of Vodafone coverage with Westnet as we do now?

  14. Al says:

    If I use more data than on my plan, will I get charged or does it cap and only bill me if I choose to top it up?
    Also, who is the main carrier, Optus or Telstra? Thanks

  15. Tien Do says:

    Do you have a family plan? My family requires 4 SIMs.

  16. John Ellis says:

    IInet sent me a new Vodaphone SIM card to replace my existing SIM,on the Optus network. I tried to activate the card & received a message that my Phone was not eligible for the Offer? I spoke to IInet who told me that there is no 3G network in my area. Why would you not check this fact before you sent me a new 4G SIM
    I have been with iinet as an internet customer for over 12 years & have had a mobile phone plan with them for the same time. The quality of the service has deteriorated since TPG took it over.
    They told me that I can stay on my OPTUS plan! No point in buying a 4G phone when 5G is being installed in my area.
    John Ellis

  17. Ellen Holdsworth says:

    What can I power my Samsung tablet with. I have Westnet NBN at home and Westnet sim for my phone. I wish to be able to use this tablet when I am away.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ellen,

      Our mobile SIM’s are primarily for voice with a data component, so we’d suggest that you may need a data-only SIM, which we currently don’t offer. The other option is to access Wi-Fi networks around you whilst you are on your travels.

      – Leo

  18. Ken B. says:

    Totally confused. I was recently connected to the NBN and signed up to a Seniors Plan with IINET (now Westnet, where did that come from?) My understanding was that my Landline, Internet & Mobile would all be covered by that plan at $49,99per month. Where do I stand now with this change? Since the amalgamation with TPG there seems to be total confusion with very little communication with customers who have been with you for years. Is this new plan covered in my Seniors Plan? What happens if I do not put the new Sim-card into my mobile phone?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ken!

      Thanks for being in touch!

      We offer our Seniors Card plan exclusively through our sister brand, Westnet. Therefore, you are a Westnet customer, under the umbrella of the iiNet Group of companies. As long as you haven’t charged plans or opted to take new services, nothing changes at all for you and we’d recommend staying where you are, especially if you’re happy with what you have. There is no need to change at all.

      Please note that the new mobile SIM plans are standalone and aren’t included in any other services, nor are they included in the Seniors plan, so please feel free to discard the SIM sent to you.

      – Leo

  19. Ken B. says:

    Thank you for your reply Leo, That does clear things up for Seniors such as I, it was getting a bit confusing, especially with Westnet seemingly appearing from nowhere, without any pre-warning. Cheers, Ken B.

  20. Colleen says:

    What is the cost for sms to USA?

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