Whatever happened to Myspace?

If you were a hip, young internet user in the early 2000’s you probably had a Myspace. It was quite a common interaction online and even in real life to ask someone if they were on Myspace and if they could be your friend. However, nowadays, many have not even heard of what was once one of the most popular websites on the internet. Today we ask, whatever happened to Myspace? Where did it go? Who even is Myspace?

Quick background

To use a modern comparison, Myspace was a precursor to and almost certainly an influence of Facebook (along with Friendster and other proto social networks). Myspace was launched in 2003 by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson (also known as Your Friend Tom because he is added by default to your friends list) and became popular very quickly – particularly among cool teens and hip young adults. In 2006 it was the most visited website in the United States, even surpassing Google.

Myspace’s first layout was rather simple: profile picture on the left, contact info and interests below that with blogs and “blurbs” (like Facebook posts) dominating the central area of the page and various customisation options, such as visual themes and music. The site went through several redesigns (especially as the users started leaving) but largely had the same basic principles with your main profile area being the main page.

To take the trip a little further down memory lane, selfies were posted all over Myspace before selfie was even a word! They were usually taken at a high angle with an actual camera, as opposed to a smartphone, and may or may not have featured a little sign you wrote about how much you love your bestie.

People wrote detailed “About me” sections and believed people would read them and selected a song for their profile assuming people would listen (they didn’t. In fact the first thing they did when they stalked your profile was pause your song). The site would make you choose your top 8 favourite people and rate them in order of preference, usually with devastating consequences to your personal life.


So what happened?

Myspace was sold by its original owners to media giant News Corporation in 2005 for a very hefty sum of $580 Million, and while it continued to see success, it did not last much longer. The decline of Myspace began in 2008, when Facebook started becoming more popular. It would be easy to just say that Facebook killed Myspace and leave it at that, but there were a few other factors at play here.

Users were migrating to newer, better designed social media platforms which offered newer features and an overall better social environment. The refusal to change from the original core design of the site and a heavy increase in advertising space also contributed to the rapidly dwindling numbers.

Unlike Facebook, where ads are smaller and targeted by a variety of measures (location, browsing habits, interests), Myspace ads were obnoxiously interfering and often not relevant, making for a frustrating user experience. And as much as we love to complain every time Facebook gets a new layout, the regular refreshing actually keeps us interested; Myspace’s refusal to change became stagnant and boring for users.


Where is it now?

Myspace does still exist these days, however the user-base is significantly smaller and it looks and feels different to the original incarnation. Many redesigns were undertaken over the years to curb the shrinking user-base to no avail.

The site was retooled in 2013 to cater more to music and brands – a move which drew heavy criticism from existing users as almost all existing user data was deleted. So if you had a Myspace page from way back which you were thinking of checking out of morbid curiosity and/or boredom – you are out of luck.


What does this mean?

Newer social media “empires” have likely learned from Myspace’s mistakes (look how often Facebook has updated over the years) and are less likely to repeat them. However the demise of newer social networks does seem to be inevitable due to accelerated pace of progress on the internet and the fickleness of human nature.

Even something that seemed, at the time, so ubiquitous and so popular can or even will eventually come to an end – take screenshots if you want to keep the memories alive, backup pictures, save text or stories that are near and dear to you because the networks we use are not permanent.


Do you miss Myspace? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. KVMcLennan says:

    When I had a Myspace page it was the target for vitriolic hate emails and foul language.
    I simply never went back.

    My younger generations don’t use Facebook either. They are using other social networks such as instagram.

  2. Chris Berry says:

    I eagerly await the day that the average person grows up and all social media sites disappear from mainstream life. Never has there been invented a more comprehensive waste of a person’s time.

  3. Paul says:

    Logged in today for a look see. “This video contains content from UMG_UK, who have blocked it inyour country…” From a user experience POV, it’s bye bye!

    In the old days, I liked that you could listen to music on the site and also that it was of a decent quality.

    Way back when, I preferred the site to Facebook. I think I stopped using Myspace after a site redesign, but cannot say for sure. More likely that the new Facebook site was more functional and more of my friends and aquaintances were on it, or moving to it.

  4. Yes totally forgot about My Space!! My daughter had one then set one up for me but I hardly used mine and she used hers occasionally.

  5. Mike Sibley says:

    Never used it. Before my time in using iPads. Facebook is quite useful but I find the Trending most annoying and to avoid wasting time just delete!
    The story was interesting and read it all. Thank you iiNet!

  6. Gary says:

    I had Myspace for a small amount of time but the advertising (as mentioned above in article)became so bad i ended up leaving to find something else. I even remember using Friendster for awhile. I went to Face-book as my friends were using this site to invite people to there events and i was missing out. I must say, now. I really enjoy face-book and can’t myself changing.

  7. Ann says:

    Was only discussing demise of MySpace with a friend yesterday. We are “seniors” and both had accounts but migrated to FaceBook in 2007 as it was the preferred social media platform of the younger generations, which included our children. Enjoy FaceBook and have recontacted with many long-lost friends and maintained much easier contact with relatives scattered across the globe. Also fantastic means of keeping in contact with family and friends while travelling.

  8. Judith Rook says:

    Nice article. Thank you. I’ve never been on MySpace, although I’ve heard of it. I use Facebook and Twitter, but much of the interaction on Facebook is puerile and depressing. On the other hand, I am a member of a couple of special interest groups where I generally enjoy the threads. But all users behave as though Facebook and Twitter, unlike MySpace, will never disappear.

  9. Shane says:

    Used to use telememo in 1980’s had thousands of users
    Only graphics were text 🙂

  10. Kim Young says:

    Yes… I also used to have a MySpace profile and I remember that everybody around me had one. It was cool! Then I also have migrated to Facebook and the reason for that was that so many people were having Facebook accounts… I was curious what have happened to My space and lately crated a profile for my firm ( I don’t know how it will work for me but I have decided to try. Really interesting post! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Romy says:

    I’m disappointed MySpace lost its strength. It was the best site for new musicians, artists, authors, photographers, poets and people with an interest in sharing creative ideas, as opposed to the amassing of ‘friends’ via an overload of stupid selfies, family albums, and all the trivial, meaningless, boring, narcissistic bull facebook wants us to expose. Promoting art and music can still be done on facebook – but you have to sift through all the other crap that facebook decides you should be looking at.

  12. Bonny says:

    I was wanting to see if I could find my old account from 2007 that probably wont exist anymore. Its such a shame as I remember it as a revolutionary in those days, and I wanted to reminisce the days of my early adulthood! Would have been amazing to see some old lost photos. Thanks for the detailed reminder of its layout and such – so memorable!

  13. Anonymous says:

    You are so right.

  14. Rosemary Warren says:

    The old MySpace was the best social site out there. You could upload your own music to listen to while on there. It was a million times better than Facebook ever will be. I was shocked when I went in there after years of having MySpace, that they had robbed everything I had posted on my page, photos, music, bio all gone!! I was so pissed and I decided that it was it for me with MySpace. I’m not crazy about Facebook. I don’t want to know everybody’s personal information that they want the whole world to know. It just is ridiculous what people post on FB. I’m a Hippie girl inside and out and I so enjoyed all my Hippie friends on MySpace. And I really enjoyed listening to my music, music of the 60’s. That’s all I have to say. Peace out!!

  15. Lisa Rosales says:

    I wish that My Space still existed. I had really great photos & videos of my mother & brother, now they both are deceased and I have no photos of my brother since most of my great photos of them two where alive way back when My Space was invented & I had an iphone (2006).
    Since Facebook was developed I didn’t get any photos of my brother because he was alive only when My Space was around.
    I don’t have an iPhone anymore, I have Android tablets & Galaxy cell phone with no phone service other than using it only where I can just have access through “WiFy” only.
    Is there a chance I can see my old My Space account to retrieve my photos & videos? Please reply me back with this question answered!
    Thank You!
    Sincerely, Ms. LISA ROSALES

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Lisa,

      While the design, layout and objective of MySpace may have changed, it’s still a site you can go to and may be able to ‘retrieve’ your old account and associated images from. Unfortunately we’re not directly familiar with the use or process to do this and would suggest looking over any help guides MySpace have published to see if a retrieval is possible using old account credentials.

      – Tal