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UPDATE: We are excited to announce the winners of our Budii Competition.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our competition. We loved all your entries and it was very difficult to select the final winners.

In no particular order, here are the winning entries.

N Gibbons: My wife is my best friend. She, like the front-facing webcam on the Budii tablet, will look me in the eye and let me know that I have spinach in my teeth.

K Adlington: My Budii is my best gal Ana, together, like Budii, we have sleek modern exteriors that stow away many great features. We recharge and revitalise one another’s souls just like the Budii is able to recharge many devices.

P Rowell: My best friend (and wife) is like an answering machine. She delightfully records everything I say and is always ready and willing to play it back to me.

G Van Der Linden: I live in Brisbane and my best friend lives in Melbourne. We are like Maverick and Goose from Top Gun. So the best features of Budii are the super fast NBN connection and more importantly 7 gigabit ethernet ports. Why? Because we feel the need, the need, FOR SPEED!

P Klem:

She was the one who lit me up

I flushed, she blushed

We glowed

We’ve flickered

We’ve even dimmed

But we’ve never failed!

Like Budii’s LEDs,

We’ve changed colours

To suit our moods!

I married my best Budii

(And now we have our own 6 little Budiis)

Thanks again if you participated in the competition. And if you missed out this time, don’t worry, there’ll be more competitions featured on The iiNet Blog, iiNews (Newsletter) and Facebook page.


Drum roll please…

We’d like to introduce to you, our new best friend: Budii.

We’re pretty sure Budii is going to be your best friend too.

Developed by iiNet Labs Budii is a technology hub for the home that combines a powerful modem, Android tablet and Android smart phone handset.

Check out these features:

  • A sleek exterior design that stows and charges your smart phone handset and tablet at the same time
  • Wireless 2.4GHz and 5GHz – so you can connect your other wireless devices at home
  • Seven super-fast Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • NBN-ready with a specially dedicated NBN port
  • Ports for external USB hard drives so you can share photos, music and documents
  • PSTN port – plug in your home telephone line and use the tablet or smart phone handset to answer calls
  • Free local and standard national calls by using ‘Netphone‘ delivered by VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Answering machine
  • LED coloured display that can be customised to suit your mood or décor

For more info on Budii please visit our website here.

Would you like to win a Budii?

Of course you would! To celebrate the launch we’re giving away a Budii to 5 very lucky iiNet customers based in Australia.

All you have to do is tell us in 50 words or less tell us “Who is your best friend and what Budii feature best resembles your friendship.” For example, my best friend and I are like USB ports – it’s a give and take relationship!

Email your entry along with your name, address and contact number to  Entries close 10 May at 5pm AWST. Good luck!

But if you’re just itching to get a hold of Budii sooner, you can always buy one now – just visit our website.



  1. Joshua Welch says:

    me and my best friend are like wifi signals, when we are around eachother, we have full connectivity!

  2. Carl Bindels says:

    My Wife. So which Budii feature resembles us? well I will have to say the smartphone and a tablet, a perfect match, functional, multipurpose (but if needs be able to perform different tasks), best Budii’s for a long time (providing we’re charged 😉

  3. Melanie Brown says:

    My best friend and I have a relationship like an “Answering machine” I text her or “leave a message” and she never gets back to me! hahaha but I still love her.

  4. Pam Campbell says:

    My budii and I love to go out taking photos together so we are like the camera always taking photos of each other.

  5. Belinda Spokes says:

    My children. We are like a wifi connection, when I am close they are active but as soon as I say clean the signal is lost.

  6. Tim says:

    I don’t have any friends but if i win i will have a friend in budii.

  7. Nathan halls says:

    Me and my buddies are like an Internet connection with out it we have no life.

    • Colleen Rohan says:

      Will Budii boost the reception in isolated areas? I love what iinet has to offer, however, there are times when our connection is poor. Would love some feed back.

  8. Gail Grady says:

    A budii sound warm and fuzzy for those cold winter nights to curl up as snug as a bunny in a rug whilst chatting or surfing.

  9. Audrey Anderson says:

    Iinet and I are buddies. Without it I am a lone star with it I shine like the galaxcy

  10. My husband Derek and myself of 53 years connecting beautifully

  11. kath arnold says:

    My Buddy and I are like Bluetooth we share everything with each other

  12. Barry O'Neill says:

    Budii, Budii do you love me, I would love to be with you all the time.

  13. Cheryl Feeney says:

    As I am retiring and relocating I need a Buddii to help me stay connected with old friends,search for new friends and with luck find a”special” Buddii-wink wink nudge nudge.

  14. Michele says:

    My dog is my best buddy. Like Budii, he answers the door, tries to answer the phone, has a sleek exterior, is ready to go as soon as NBN gets here and is customised to suit my mood and decor. My best Buddy (Budii)

  15. raks says:

    my mates actually call a buddy of ours an ‘answering machine’, cos he is always cleaning up at trivia nights by knowing all the right answers!

  16. Vince B says:

    It’s simple… friend is iiNet! Who else would give me a new:


    10 years together and our friendship is stronger than ever.

  17. Angela says:

    My sister is my best friend and like Budii, she is always there to answer my call.

  18. Ailsa Kerr says:

    My wife is my budii ; life is like ADSL it’s good but u know u can have more!!

  19. Jason tree says:

    Me and my wife are just like the budii she is slim,modern,attractive,up to date, and when I came on the market it was the best thing to happen for the both of us!just like the budii

  20. Jarrad and Bajo says:

    Bajo is my best friend.
    He is a 3 month old shih tzu puppy.
    Just like Budii’s coloured led display,
    Bajo is always customizing my home decor!
    This affects my mood greatly. :(

  21. NORAH WILLIAMS says:

    Wherever my Budii goes, I go, because we are each other’s best Budii’s 😉

  22. bob mcleod says:

    64 years old,frustrated with inability to use most of the apps on my Iphone,tells me do this,not always sure what “this”is.Could Budi help me or should I go back to phones and the Post Office and accept I’m a lost cause.Thanks

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Bob McLeod,

      Budii is mostly a phone for use within your house so you won’t be able to use it out and about like the iPhone. Unfortunately we don’t typically support 3rd party handsets/applications, however if you send me an email ( with some account details and include a description of what you do to access the apps and what confusing errors/messages/requests come up and I can look into it for you.


  23. Merv Smith says:

    My Budii is my partner in life, much like the budii… We just go together and make life easier for each other!

  24. Steph Bird says:

    My partner and I are like an Ethernet cable, the more connected the easier life becomes… :)

  25. Kirsty Hall says:

    My best friend is my BoB2. Budii is everything and more BoB2 is to me. Best of all keeps me, my TV, iPad, Xbox, ps3 and much more all connected and up to date with its awesome wifi. What more could you want from a Budii?

  26. jeff crookes says:

    Me and my Budii are in-seperable, in-sufferable and most of all – un-Budiiable. Budii does it for me!

  27. Larry Wale says:

    My wife and I have been together for 35 years and have become so connected and on the same wave length that quite often we are thinking the same thing, so much so that it has become scary.

  28. Viliami says:

    My daughter. Id say the tablet and the phone. We are inseprable. We need each other just like the tablet and phone needs the modem :)

  29. Bernie Masters says:

    Let’s be honest here. My best friend is my credit card. I’d be lost without it: no food, no petrol, no entertainment, almost no contact with the outside world. In fact, a best friend just like my Budii (if I win one): always happy to help, practical, respectful, mostly able to work with me to make my life happy and productive.

  30. applestroop says:

    My best friend and I are both sleek in design and change colour according to our mood.

  31. Adam Pickering says:

    My wife and I are best friends, like peas in a pod I guess you could say… We spend all of. Our free time together watching live TV and Streaming shows. What better way to do it with a new Budii!! After all who’s to say there was ony two peas in a pod !! Lol.

  32. Trudy Smith says:

    My best friend and I are always in sync just like home technology.

  33. Greg Greaves says:

    My Budii and I are hopeful that a new iinet system will be capable of delivering a message posted on April 11 prior to April 16!

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Greg,

      In regards to the message delays, was it delays with your iiNet email or sending an SMS from an iiNet mobile voice service? If you’ve had regularly problems with an iiNet service, you can email me ( and I can look into it with you.


  34. Budii is like my son and I.. We are both brilliant, creative, colourful and innovative and love to communicate at the highest possible level. Just like the face of the tablet and the phone, together we love to be the impetus for increased inspiration, genius and love in the world.

  35. David Hall says:

    Budii is just like my friend you can use him for phone a friend cause he’s smart and if I have a headache after all that thinking he’s got a tablet to fix me up
    Love my budii

  36. alex says:

    well id say my family and buddi would be a prefect companion to bond us together even more.

  37. Maria Luezas says:

    My best budii is the one that close or even far from me, may even unseen for sometime, retains the qualities, the bond of affection, mutual trust and support built between us, a reliable confidential friend, in which I could safety trust and depend in time of need.

  38. Maria Luezas says:

    My best budii is the one that close or even far from me, may even unseen for sometime, retains the qualities, the bond of affection, mutual trust and support built between us, a reliable confidential friend, in which I could safety trust and depend in time of need.

  39. Alan King says:

    My wife , always there to lend a hand, dependable and a wealth of knowledge

  40. Jamie Wall says:

    My Buddii is sleek and easy to read, and takes alot of pics and texts, i love her, oh and ditto for the girlfriend,xxx

  41. Scott McAllister says:

    My best friend is like the NBN we are very close, but we can’t quite connect just yet because we don’t have a common Budii

  42. Domenica Bergamin says:

    My best friend is my husband. He doesn’t know much about all the new technology so I think it is time he started.

  43. Liv says:

    My best friend is like a great internet connection. She loves to shop (I dont), she buys my clothes and make up. I transfer the money into her account and she delivers it to my door!

  44. Timothy says:

    My four legged friends and I are eager for our new “budii”! Woof Woof

  45. Nigel Prior says:

    My best friend (my wife) and I like to hang out together. When we do it recharges the batteries.

  46. Mike says:

    Not a good Budii sign. The link to the competition at to win a free Budii does not work.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Mike,

      The email competitions link is supposed to open up a blank email in your preferred email client according to your web browser. If you don’t have one set, you can also enter the competition by opening your email client (or going to webmail), creating a new email to be sent to with the subject “Rise of the Guardians DVD competition” (sans quotes) and include your username, full name and address in the body of the email.


  47. Patty Dale says:

    Budii reminds me of my bestfriend because it tells me when i need to keep an appointment. Reminds me when i have to find a phone number. Leaves me supporting messages and is a general source of useful information. Most of all just a general handy friend to have around.

  48. Rohan Dwyer says:

    My best friend is my wife and she has a sleek exterior

  49. linda says:

    If i had abudii I could keep in touch with my other buddies

  50. Shannon C says:

    My partner and I – We are our network, we connect in so many different ways and completely integrate with one another!

  51. Adrian Kayman says:

    My wife has a beautiful full colour display and is packed with smart technology. We use the same network protocols and connect wirelessly with 4 bars unless one of us is turned off.

  52. All my Ozstoc Honda ST riders are my Budiis as we communicate via wireless radio while out riding the hills and highways heading for a coffee or a meal somewhere. So the Budii Tablet will keep in contact with my family while out with my other Buddiis.

  53. Noriko O'Leary says:

    My friends and family are like the Budii system – totally compatible :)

  54. Helen says:

    My best friend is my dog. She is uncomplicated and reliable and always willing to please. I like to have new technology that is also uncomplicated and relaible and I hope that the new Budii would provide this in one neat package.

  55. Brandon Bear says:

    Just like the mood reflecting LED display, my best friend Peta and I can change to suit each others mood, and we always try to be stylish

  56. NEIL HANDLEY says:


  57. Michael McKie says:

    My wife is my best budii. Like the wifi and double docking station, we are “Weally”-“Inlove”-“Fantastic”-“Individuals” who, despite different shapes and sizes are always recharged when we are side by side.

  58. jenny says:

    My girls are my best friends. They are like Budii because they light up my life, are sleek and smart and make my life easy.

  59. Rhys says:

    My best friend is pat. We are like budii’s colour, we are both white.

  60. Pam says:

    My Best Friend is Dee and best Budii feature that resembles our friendship is the Android Table because we both give each other answers / directions / display photos / movies like the tablet

  61. Patricia says:

    I have just lost my best friend and partner of 58 years and I am looking for another just as good and long lasting. Can you be my Budii?

  62. Jack says:

    My wife and I have been Buddiis for 46 years and find it hard to be apart. Often, we even know what each other is thinking. Good wifi connection!

  63. Ken says:

    A true Budii is there when u need them !

  64. Hilton Lilley says:

    I like Netphone as free local and national calls will help me keep in tough with friends and family more regularly whilst using StarTrek technology!

  65. Tony Collins says:

    My buddy is my dog and, like your budi, as long as I feed him, train him and play with him he remains the most loyal and obedient friend.

  66. Wilhelmina hair says:

    At the moment my hubby and i are sad because we can’t talk to the out world. Our modem was faulty and we need a buddy to cheer us up again.:-)

  67. Tina Gordon says:

    I don’t have “A” best friend but like Bundi’s many features I have many friends.

  68. Wilhelmina hair says:

    At the moment my best buddy my hubby is sad because he can’t hear properly from the old voip phone so a new and better species may just cheer him up. And that would make me very happy too.

  69. peter says:

    I once found it real hard to just use a computer but thanks to iinet i think im ready for a new budii, thanks guys

  70. Rick says:

    which app/s can I configure on the various iPhones/iPads/iPods in the house to use the voip from the budii, and via 3G while outside ?

  71. Violet James says:

    My Budii and I have the same connections,

    But how we both dread pulling the plug.

  72. janell says:

    my best budii leesa and I, we’re alike a USB ports – separate we are useful but once plugged in we are unstoppable

  73. Colin Griffiths says:

    My best friend and I have grown old and disgraceful together, but are both always looking for something new and exciting, like Budii

  74. AleeshaR says:

    My wife and I are best Budiis, and just like Budii has Find and Pair functionality, so do we. When one if us gets lost, we always use the Find and Pair method too!

  75. Slavica Ciprijanovic says:

    My children and I are like wifi, when we are together we connect in the best way possible

  76. As old age approaches it appears I need a tablet to keep me a alive & a tablet to keep me connected!

  77. I have a daughter in Melbourne who has a very important job . Using the email & reply’s it’s like she is in the same room.

  78. Amanda Carroll says:

    My BUDDI lives out WEST, she is always surfing on the NET. She is well connected to me because she uses IINET. Which is why I need the BUDDI so I can be the best BUDDI I can be.

  79. Terry Brennan says:

    Just like me and my best bud, Mike: Sometimes we’re wired, sometimes unwired, always in synch.

  80. pam peters says:

    I have friends in other countries who like to keep up with my ‘doings’ , this sound an ideal deal ! Would love to win one . Old age has already approached and overtaken me ,so anything I can use for convenience is great !!

  81. Courtney Byrnes says:

    Me and my partner are like a budii we work together well but when we apart everything falls apart we need this budii

  82. Jan Wibrow says:

    Erica – My best buddy and I will get together even more with my best budii.

  83. Parker Boundy says:

    Well, being over 60 this new Budii looks like being MY best friend and I don’t think I have friend to match!

  84. Janis Hadley says:

    As androids my budii and me are smart, sleek geeks and need our daily tablets. Connectivity rules ok.

  85. Jeremy Jackman says:

    My wife is my budii and, like Budii, she has a sleek exterior design, she communicates with me wirelessly, (skip joke about ports), she’s NBN ready and we share photos, music and documents!

  86. Elizabeth James says:

    I,I, Westnet! Can we cast a net? to catch a “Buddi?

    Thank you,for this fantastic opportunity!

  87. Elizabeth James says:

    I,I, Westnet! Can we cast a net? to catch a “Budii?

    Thank you,for this fantastic opportunity!

  88. Catreena Morley-Manners says:

    My best friend is my husband Peter he is the wireless in our relationship holds and connects the rest of us so we all can achieve our personal goals.

  89. Bob says:

    Ini budii, ini bapak budii…, this brings back lots of childhood memory

  90. jimi says:

    buddy, nahhhhh, Budii..

  91. Pauline Zammiy says:

    My best friend and I are a great source of entertainment to each other just like fetch tv is entertainment on hand.

  92. Andrew says:

    My girlfriend and I are like the android operating system. She is smart, adaptable and flexible and I just like robots.

  93. Debbie says:

    My Best Budii is my husband because we connect and have been for 30 years. Our Wifi has gone haywire but we would love a new Budii to keep in touch with our girls who are smart clever sleek and beautiful.

  94. says:

    My husband is my best budii because while we each have our different features and personalities, we fit together like an integrated unit and complement each other perfectly.

  95. Francine says:

    My ‘secret’ friend – she holds all my secrets, she is always there for me, she loves me even when I’m not around much. We trust each other..

  96. Robert Castorina says:

    I don’t know very much about technology, but my wife does and she would love a Budii.

  97. H says:

    Does this mean that the “budii” will replace the “bob2” ?

  98. democrazy says:

    iinet are my best friend.

    Without them my world would be devoid of: talking cat videos, rewatching painful 80’s tv shows with awesome themesongs, emails from Burkina Faso, websites that show me how to fix/break my stuff and Rick Astley… iinet reminds me of a whole seven super-fast Gigabit Ethernet ports because that’s seriously cool.

  99. Andras Eles says:

    There is no one big thing that makes my relationship to my wife so special. It is all the little things just like the features of Budii.

  100. George Stephen says:

    My Wife, is my best friend and we are like USB ports,when my dongle is inserted we are connected and amazing transfers are made.

  101. Karen P says:

    My best friend is my daughter and iiNet support. Without them ,i’d be lost.Budi will keep us connected together and fit right in with my decor.I will love Budi like it was my own child ☺. Okay,exaggerating a tad but i will still love it.

  102. Vaughan says:

    Without a real Budii, all my friends are imaginary.

  103. Robyn says:

    The budii is like my best friend she is more than a pretty face!!! Always cheers me up with her colourful displays!!

  104. Antoinette Grace says:

    My Budii is MICKY – he makes me laugh soooo much. I measure my laughs at 5GHZ, which is 5 giggles till it hurts !

  105. Errol oorloff says:

    I really like to try this out,

  106. dot Campbell says:

    My best friend is my iPad I take it every where I go as all my friends are getting them,and now I can keep in touch with the out side world ,I am early 83 years old and I now think technology is wonderful .

  107. Miles says:

    My girlfriend and I are like the wi-fi, neither of us cares what the other looks at, as long as we don’t stray far from home

  108. tewhaiti edmonds says:

    B best
    U utility
    D device
    I invented
    I incredible
    I hv internet,landline,3 mobile connections
    usb,fetch tv YAY
    and best of all
    IINET customer service is my
    sound like a suck up,why not
    37 words,I WIN LOL

  109. Siang Lim says:

    My wife and I are on two different frequencies. Just like the Budii, we have different features between us, but happily function as one sleek unit.

  110. Siang Lim says:

    My wife is on a different frequency than me (she’s 5Ghz), and also changes colour depending on her mood, but just like the Budii, she is a combination of everything I love in one little package.

  111. Maki says:

    Hi, I know that entries to the competition close on the 10th (today!) but could you please let us know when & where it is that winners are announced?
    Thanks -Maki

    • Natalie Marinho says:

      Hi Maki,

      Winners will be posted on the iiNet Blog (as an update on this article) on Monday, 13 May 2013.

      Blog Editor, iiNet