Win a VIP experience at Perth Arena thanks to iiNet

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Want to win a double pass to an awesome event at Perth Arena in July?

We have 8 double passes to a mystery event at the exclusive iiNet Corporate Suite at Perth Arena.

The prize pack includes:

  • One double pass (2 tickets) to the iiNet Corporate Suite on level two with unparalleled viewing of the main arena from an open balcony.
  • The suite comes complete with a lounge area and kitchen as well as an official hostess that will look after suite guests.
  • Food and beverage catering. Suite menus are prepared to the highest level by Executive Chef David Clem.
  • Dedicated VIP entry.
  • Browse the corporate suite using the photos below (just click on the phoo to view the next in the slideshow).


Show us how you rock for your chance to win

We want all wannabe rock stars to show us what you got!

All you have to do is:

  • Follow @iiNet on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Post a photo of how you would rock out on stage and tag #iiNet and #PerthArena
  • Entries close 11.59pm AWST, Sunday 20 July 2014. Winners will be contacted via the social media platform on which they have published their post.
  • For full Terms and Conditions go to:

So get creative and post those photos!



  1. Free hat says:

    What if u don’t have any of those social networking platforms?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      To enter this competition you would need at least one.
      But, we do have fairly regular comps on the iiNet Blog where you can enter with your email address, so keep your eyes out for future entries :)

      – Amy

  2. Mark Strickland says:

    Hey iiNet!
    1 billion people use face book. 6 billion have the good sense not to. What’s with running competitions that require FB as an entry criteria????
    That’s well below your usual high standards.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hey Mark,

      That is a valid point, however we do run regular competitions on here that only require email applications.
      Sorry that you can not enter this specific comp, but keep your eyes on the blog for future prizes :)

      – Amy

  3. Judith Futtermenger says:

    Why do we have to go on twitter,instagran or twitter to enter competitions. I have never been on the above sites and have no intentions of doing so.
    Regards Judith

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Judith,

      This is a Social Media based competition.
      Not to worry though, we regularly post blog/email based competitions on here as well, so you won’t miss out on all of them :)

      Thanks, Amy

  4. joe colosi says:

    This page says to follow iinet on Facebook Twitter or Instagram but terms and condition has no option for Facebook.



  5. Robert Stirling says:

    Why is the sound on Fetch TV so bad?
    Why does my email address stop working every two weeks?
    Why can I not create a new email address account on my account although there a 10 or 20 allowed?

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Robert,

      Sounds like you have a few issues that would best be sorted by giving our support team a call (13 22 58). If you’ve been in contact with us before and we haven’t been able to resolve these issues, you might want to consider escalating your call to a senior by following our escalation process here.


  6. Mike Chin says:

    Awesome if can win the special seating to view the events of experience in Perth Arena.
    Dream comes true.

  7. Paul Cameron says:

    I have been with iinet for only a short time and so far have had no surprises like I kept getting with the other providers that I had, and had for many years.
    Thanks and will always let iinet make the decisions for me, I am not a geek but need to have good coms for the life we need today

  8. John Burn says:

    Aw come on _ I get up on my 80th birthday – that’s good enough and you expert me to rock and roll as well.
    Photo indeed!!!!- do you really want me to wreck the whole system,

  9. I cannot access the free tickets to the Arena as I am not on facebook, twitter or anything else.
    Thank you
    Dawn Frappell.

  10. David L BROWN says:

    I would wish you would allow those who do not use social media to enter your competitions. I think this is a bit of discrimination in many aspects and should be eliminated from the company’s current policy. I am a long time member with two accounts at iinet.
    Your comments would be appreciated
    Thanking your in anticipation
    David L BROWN 12072014

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi David,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Using social media allows us to reach as many customers as possible in a non-intrusive fashion. Rather than sending unsolicited emails, we leave the option open for anyone who’d like to “follow” or “like” us to do so, and take advantage of the competitions we run.

      We do often run competitions through the iiBlog that you can enter via email, so keep an eye out for those when they pop up.


  11. A.B. (Tony) Nederpelt says:

    Whats a “Phoo” that we should click on ??

    From your Perth Arena competition webpage:-

    Browse the corporate suite using the photos below (just click on the phoo to view the next in the slideshow). – See more at:

    • Amy Pearce says:


      Was supposed to say Photo!
      We will edit that – thanks for pointing it out :)

      – Amy

  12. Barry Robbins says:

    I would like to enter,but am not prepared to take on Facebook or another of its ilk, just to take my chance. Also, what is a “rock out on stage photo” all about?

    The whole thing looks like a juvenile promotion for Facebook et al.


    Barry Robbins

  13. edward downsborough says:

    G’day iinetites

    Would it be possible to extend the entrance ability to people who are not on the social media? I would love to send in some inappropriate photos (not rude) but would have to ask my wife (Linda) to put them on her face book page and she is just a tad too conservative.



    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Edward,

      For this competition we wanted all of our followers and fans to be able to see each other’s pictures and have a good spirited laugh.

      Keep an eye out for future competitions that we run through the iiBlog, many of which can be entered via email without the need of social media.


  14. Paul says:

    I am not on social media and don’t want to be so a shame about this competition.

  15. Kingsley Purvis says:

    Yet another competition that discriminates against those who choose not to take part in this social media stuff.

  16. Blake Williams says:

    What a great comp! Thank you iiNet! I think a few people posting on here may need to lighten up a bit…

  17. Lionel says:

    Been with you guys for many many yrs, never won a thing (except being with a great ISP) now have no hope, as I’m not on any social media site :(