World’s Greatest Shave A Hairy Affair For Staff

by Nikkita Dixon

It was a hairy affair last Friday as our Australian and New Zealand call centres took part in the World’s Greatest Shave. With 16 team members on board, 84 sponsors and more than $3000 in donations, our team, the iiNet BALDwins, were ready to say goodbye to their locks.

The day for our Perth call centre began with the mission of decorating our building in orange and blue to make sure our staff were well aware something spectacular was on the horizon. Many involved already knew they were soon to be sporting a much more streamlined look. Excitement reached a peak when the email hit inboxes early in the morning – “World’s Greatest Shave in the Breakout Room at 1pm. Be there.” Crowds were milling around even before we’d had the chance to set up our two special ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ chairs, complete with balloons and sparkles.

At 1pm, a long queue of staff were ready and waiting to shave or colour for the cause. Unfortunately I had been put in charge of buying the head shaver and, with no real knowledge on shavers, managed to purchase a beard trimmer instead. Following several fruitless minutes and puzzled looks we realised the mistake and a couple staff members hotfooted it to homes nearby to provide something a little more effective. In the meantime, those colouring for the cause were now sporting some artistic new ‘dos’ courtesy of our volunteer hair sprayer Jezzelle Bennett.

Better late than never, we got our hands on a real head shaver and the hairs began to fall. As the day went on more and more staff members were showing support and shaving or colouring with a $5 or $10 donation to contribute for our efforts. We even had a few staff members with their own ideas for their head shave and before we knew it there were two bright pink Mohawks wandering the building.

When all the excitement was over and the floor cleaned of the piles of hair, glitter and popped balloons, we had a heavy bucket of donations to add to the $3017.81 we already raised online. With our modest $3000 goal already surpassed, we’ll now be aiming for $10,000 by the end of the month, maybe even more! If you have any fundraising ideas, feel free to post in the comments. As usual, you ask, we listen.

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