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The cold winter months certainly call for a lot of delicious warm dishes. From curries and casseroles to roasts and soups it’s hard to resist all that comfort food. Not to mention indulgent desserts like apple crumbles and puddings!

But if you’re trying to stay healthy or watching your weight – you might need a little extra help to stick to your goals around all these mouth-watering winter warmers. Whether its tracking what you eat, knowing what to eat or how much, there’s a range of apps, websites and gadgets that will help you stay on track.

Learn how to cook via YouTube

YouTube may have a lot of random and pointless content for procrastination, but it’s a gold mine when it comes to cooking. At the iiNet Blog, we’ve previously looked at popular cooking channels on YouTube. Have a browse, and you’ll find dishes that use fresh ingredients and embrace healthier ways of cooking like grilling or steaming over frying.

Jamie Oliver is well known for his healthy approach to cooking and his YouTube channel features heaps of great recipes, like this one for Zero Fat Salad Dressing.

Food journals and tracking

We are living in a digital world and the days of carrying a notebook to track what you eat are over. There’s an app for that. Actually, there’s quite a few.

People generally take their smartphone with them wherever they go, so it’s quite convenient to record what you’re eating during the day using a handy app. Check these out for Android

Recipes online

If you have a favourite chef or restaurant, chances are they will also have a website that host some of their best recipes. Sadly, your favourite dishes may not be the healthiest.

A simple Google search of “healthy recipes” will return a myriad of results for healthier eating. The following websites focus on recipes that take into account different factors from great ingredients or special dietary requirements to healthier cooking methods and techniques.

  • 101 Cookbooks: From photographer and food blogger Heidi Swanson, this website focuses on whole, natural foods. She highlights recipes from favourite cookbooks, as well as recipes she writes herself.
  • Taste: With over 40,000 recipes you can search for recipes based on their title or ingredients.
  • Nutrition Blog Network: This website is powered by a group of registered dieticians who say “If you want to learn how you can safely lose those last 5 pounds, find healthy recipes for your family, lower your cholesterol, jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, seek solutions for your picky pre-schooler or learn what to eat when you’re pregnant, you can find what you’re looking for”.

Take a photo

Ok. I admit it. I’m one of those people that take pictures of their food when I’m dining out.

But some food experts recommend this as a way of tracking what you eat and your portion size. It basically becomes a visual food diary. Whether or not you upload those pictures to Instagram is up to you!

Do you have any favourite recipe websites or tips for healthy eating? Let us know in the comments below.

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