Your chance to win the ultimate iiNet Experience!

Are you passionate about technology? Do you believe that it has the power to change the world? Do you love to tweet, post, pin, blog or even vlog? If you love engaging with your followers and can’t wait to share the next best thing – read on!

This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step behind the curtain and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at one of Australia’s leading tech companies. We are proud to announce our new competition – The iiNet Experience – and want you to get involved!

We’re a company passionate about technology and we’re looking for a special group of people who share that passion. Whether it’s how the Internet ticks or how you make tech work for you and your family, if you love all things technology then this is the comp for you.

A panel of judges will select the winners from across Australia, who will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to iiNet HQ in Perth (between 24-29 November 2014) and get hands-on with everything that makes the Internet awesome: from social media to cat videos, 3D printers to the latest in wearable technology, the NBN and much, much more.

How do I enter?

It’s pretty simple to enter; all you need to do is register, follow and post!

1. Head to the iiNet Experience registration page.

2. Follow iiNet on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus or LinkedIn.

3. Show us how much you want to win using the tag #insiiders when sharing content on social media.

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to be a Jack (or Jill) of all trades. If you fancy yourself an Instagram pro but you’re not down with Facebook – that’s ok by us. Love a good tweet or ten? That’s great, show us what you’ve got, 140 characters at a time.

Tell me more about the prize…

Five winners will win an all-expenses-paid trip to Perth to take in all-things iiNet. We have some pretty cool experiences lined up for the winners, including a special invite-only 21st birthday party, visits to our cool tech partners, and loads of time to enjoy business as usual at iiNet (think eating cake, playing with gadgets, and meeting customers). Our winners will be given a packed gift bag full of iiNet goodies to help them stay connected while they’re enjoying the ultimate iiNet experience.

Sounds awesome, what type of entries are you looking for?

A team of social media experts will be selecting the winners based on key factors including originality, creativity and the ability to knock our socks off. Remember to keep it clean folks. The competition closes at 5pm AWST on October 31 2014.

Winners will be notified by 7 November and will need to be available to visit Perth from 24-29 November inclusive.

Check out our terms and conditions on the iiNet Experience page for more information.

O Week 2014

Not to be excluded, our not-so-social-media-savvy customers will also be welcomed into the iiNet fold with the return of a bigger and better Open Day. This year we’re upgrading the community event to be a week-long celebration of all things ii, called O Week. Customers will be treated to a spread of workshops and personalised one-on-one appointments every day for a whole week at iiHQ in Subiaco.

New to 2014, we’re also opening up O Week for ii customers not based in Perth. Select workshops will be streamed to our offices in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney and customer service superstars will be available for appointments.

Our event schedule is currently getting fine-tuned and is due for release shortly so keep an eye on our O Week website for updates.

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  1. Bob Rodger says:

    I am a tech dinosaur & dont have a clue what I am doing. This trip can open my eyes to what I can do without having to worry about bad habits being changed for good. I currently only use a desktop PC as even if I could afford a laptop or notepad, I wouldnt have a clue how to work them. I even had to change back to an old mobile phone as I couldnt work the new one I bought. Please help update my brain with techno chips.

    • yodati o'connor says:

      I’m still disappointed with my new mobile phone bought from Iinet – Samsung Galaxy Ace3 which does not have Whatsapp icon/connection…Iinet staff blame Samsung co. for that (??)

      • Amy Pearce says:

        It sounds like the app you are after has not been made compatible for your handset.
        You could try updating your mobile handset’s software to the latest available and attempt to download the app again from Google Play Store.

        Check out the Samsung website for details on how to upgrade your software.

        – Amy

  2. Jim says:

    Question ? If I was lucky enough to win a prize trip and as I already live in W.A. Will I have to go somewhere before I can fly back. ? Lucky Jim.

  3. Jose Pimentel says:

    I was there when Iinet bought Flow and before that I was Planet
    Long time…..

    Best wishes

  4. Nam Tran says:

    In the future sooner or later, I hope the iinet offer new home 1 adsl2+ of 50 gigs of a cheaper price monthly then home 2 adsl2+ of 100gigs

    • Cyber Trekker says:

      @Nam Tran,

      Why think that way, Nam Tran? I think a better proposal for everyone in human society is to totally do away with the monetary system. Humans have on to it with grim death for millennia, even though a monetary-based societal construct has proven over that time to be an utter failure. A monetary system, like a bartering system, is inherently flawed – it doesn’t work, never has worked and will never work.

      In other words, paraphrasing and altering the FOSS movement catch phrase, let us not only have free as in freedom but also free as in free beer.

  5. Deane says:

    I worked for Telstra for almost 20 years & had to put up with “being the last to know/be advised” of developments…..most new products “broke” when the staff got to them!! I’d be ecstatic about entering the hallowed halls of a well run Telco & see & learn about the “engine room(s)” of what makes the place tick. I know enough to be dangerous and would look to learn from a Company that does things right the first time!!

  6. Lawrence says:

    Hi i would like to see more plans and faster service in my area, the trip would encorage me to meet other people from other walks of life to discuss which plans are the best for domestic use.

  7. Terence Jacoson says:

    I love entering competitions BUT, I object to being required to ‘follow on Facebook’.
    Consequently I will not be entering Iinet’s latest competition.

  8. Daryl says:

    I despise social media because it’s full of garbage and marketing, and seeing iiNet join this, subsequently exclude people like me from their “competitions”, regardless of how unrealistic the chances of winning are, makes me want to change Internet Service Providers.

  9. Joshua says:

    Tell me more about the cake. What kind of cake can we expect as part of the prize package?

  10. Robert Botwood says:

    Thank you for the invitation to take part in your O Week competition.

    However, it is a shame that my wife and I are not participants of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus or LinkedIn or #insiiders being pensioners but I’m sure you will receive many young users to take part.

    Thanks again.


  11. Pammie D'arcy says:

    Technology is moving a bit fast for me!! and being a visual person, I need to see how things are done. This would be a great opportunity for me to see how things work from the otherside of my PC Screen. So I would love to spend time at Iinet to get first hand knowledge from the BEST PEOPLE.
    I Live in Perth. WA 🙂

  12. Peter Cuming says:

    What’s the point of someone living in Perth entering this competition?

  13. Anne says:

    How I wish I knew more about what I could do with iinet, Yesterday I had to ask the physiotherapist about mobile phones and landlines and i still don’t understand smart TV. Winning this would be such a terrific learning experience for a golden oldie like me!

  14. Ken says:

    I don’t go anywhere near social media so a pretty non-event competition for me. I’m an ex Tech but so I’d love to see the gear.

  15. Peter C says:

    Just a short note from Far North Queensland, to wish you all the best for your 21st birthday bash, and look forward to dealing with you as you get bigger, and more coverage with the same expert business help from the past 21 years.
    3 cheers for iinet & Thankyou

  16. Love being a customer with IINET. Great customer service and really helpful people who are willing to give up their time to sort out any problems you might be experiencing.

  17. Trevor says:

    Hi love to knock your socks but you probably only where thongs over there and I don’t mean the stretchy ones. Hey I’m no tech guru. But I love to dabble. If I win my shout for new socks all round.

  18. Jacqueline of Melbourne says:

    I could update my computer savvy with the iinet gurus at O Week – as well as revisit Perth in all its beauty after 32 years!

    hopeful miss jacqueline………..

  19. Melinda Fitzpatrick says:

    I LUV My Dogs. I got scolded for Instagram ing them too much. I need help to setup their own Social Media Platform.

  20. Pam Howe says:

    I’ dearly love to go to Perth and meet up with an old friend who currenly hashad 2 operations… Would love to win the prize ~ both of us Senior Citizens

  21. Danny says:

    I have been a customer since the early nineties through ozemail, and my tech skills havent changed much since those early dialup days when download limits were in mB and mainly used for email.

  22. Tim says:

    My first use of computers was in 1968, carrying a deck of 80 column cards at 2 am from the Mining to the Physics building at U of Toronto so the geeks could run my data on an IBM 350. I would pick up the paper results the next morning. Since then I have been struggling to keep up. Got a second hand Tandy Radio Shack 48kb memory desktop in 1987 for $3500, about $35,000 in today’s money. Still struggle to keep up with industry software and social media.

  23. Dave Adams says:

    Not everyone has social media. I for one i don’t have facebook etc. So i am not allowed to register for entry into the draw for o-week.
    I have been with iinet since you purchased virtual communities.

  24. Valerie Lane says:

    would like to entry in for the Perth trip.
    I am already a very satisfied iiNet customer
    can I entry and how? Thanks.

  25. Julia Phipps says:

    This is the most suckful prize of any competition I’ve ever heard of. Sounds like the ‘free trips’ offered to sell dodgy time share properties.

  26. I enjoy using my mobile & laptop with iinet. My husband took my mobile to use the other day & I was so lost with out it. I couldn’t text any one. I love to go on facebook & talk to all my friends & check out their posts too. I would love to win a holiday because we haven’t had a one in 15 years & I’ve never been to Perth.

  27. Steve Randell says:

    I am not savvy with any of the social media so I suppose I cannot enter into the competition!! I don’t even understand how to enter so just another disappointment for the technicaly disadvantaged.

  28. YVONNE DONNELL says:

    I am an oldie, youngster. I love my ipod my iphone my internet and learning new things. How marvellous it would to go to iinet central…..and meet the head honcho…and play with the equipment. (Undr supervision).
    Here,s hoping.

  29. gail says:

    With a little help form our companion we will win. We will be able to keep up with the new things that come from thankyou all

  30. I am so bewielded about anything internet that I don’t even know what website (above) anyway just thought I would send this in the off chance your social media people could at least read this and understand not everybody is tech savvy. Thanks for at least considering this reply.

  31. George says:

    This competition is discriminatory towards those who do not use (e.g. because they do not want) any of the social media platforms.
    I am yet to be convinced it is worth to waste my life on such involvements which, in addition, have enormous potential to jeopardise my privacy; with all the negative consequences of the latter.
    To me this competition is aimed at the already “converted” and not such skeptics like me (vide social platforms). Regards

  32. Migrated to Australia for almost (16) years as one of the refugees, I have no chance to travel within Australia, except Sydney,Melbourne,And Canberra. I really want to go to meet my relatives and friends those living in PERTH, W.A.

  33. Lance Maschmedt says:

    Thankyou for your communication and the chance of winning a fantastic prize!!
    As a resident of inner sububia of Perth WA,if I were to be a winner,I can’t wait to be flown from Innaloo to Subiaco and return with full accommodation.Maybe we could go via the Crown complex at BURSWOOD………now wouldn’t that be nice!!

  34. Gottaworkb says:

    Oh no iiNet, you actually want me to work for this prize? Ha, every lazy bone in my body says no! Thanks anyway 🙂

  35. Anthony says:

    As an ex employee, i was there for introduction of Fetch TV, and got to test it out. I was there for Naked DSL launch and the introduction of BOB(easiest modem to configure). I spoke to the Perth call centre many many times but have never met the guys. It would be awesome to see the Perth office and actually meet my FB friends from the Perth CS.

  36. Warren Davey says:

    Whatever with all this INTERnet, the only nets I am familiar with are FISHINGnets,HAIRnets, BASKETBALLnets and STOCKINGnets but don’t get me started. Love to win this competition. Warren

  37. Roger Large says:

    It would be great to go to see your set up. All of your people that work there and i speak to are so helpful. Others i have had connections with sometimes aren’t so good to talk to and yours just want to help from the start.I have recommended IINET to a lot of people because of your great help and service.

  38. John says:

    It would be great if you could announce the winners sooner rather than later. Remember the winners will need to clear it with their work so the more notice they could give (ie today vs friday) the more chance the leave can be approved.

    Food for thought 😀

    Best of luck to everyone that entered!

  39. Carmen Sandiego says:

    Who Won? Was it me?