How to tell if you’re in the right job


January is a time for New Year’s resolutions and fresh starts. It’s also a time when lots of people think about a career change. There are a number of things to consider when you start getting itchy feet in your role to work out if you’re really in the right job for you.

Remember, we spend a third of our day at work so ideally you’ll want to be in a place that you like and in turn feel appreciated.

Are the company values aligned with yours? 

To be able to give 100% to your organisation, you must feel completely aligned with the company’s vision and values. Most companies these days advertise what they are all about and this information can be found on their website.

What does the future look like?

Are there opportunities to grow through training, exposure to other business areas, gaining new skills and promotion? Everyone wants to know that when they secure a role within a company that there is room for them to move. Being able to promote staff internally or offer new opportunities to broaden their existing skill sets means an increased likelihood that staff will stay with your company for longer.

So if you are trying to decide if you are in the right job make sure to look out for development programs, secondment opportunities and other succession planning programs the company might offer.

Are there opportunities to travel, move locations or secondments?

Employees are quite mobile these days and the beauty of being a part of an international company means that opportunities to travel the globe or even move to another office come up regularly. If you have a strong sense of wanderlust, be sure to investigate what potential opportunities may be available.

Does the company have a good culture?

When looking for a new job think about whether that company’s work culture matches your personality and offers an environment that encourages you to succeed.

Many factors play a part in how content you feel at a workplace. Money and security will always be important, but the culture of a company can be a determining factor for your long-term happiness with an organisation.

Do you need flexible arrangements?

This can include working from home, working remotely, or alternative hours. Flexible working arrangements are definitely something that is sought after these days to help people achieve a harmonious work/life balance. It’s very important for employers to understand the changing face of workplaces and offer flexibility to their staff.

(By the way, last year iiNet were announced as having the Best Home/Remote Agent program at the Global Contact Centre World Awards.)

Are there perks that interest you?

Everyone loves a freebie and company perks are a great way for a company to give back to its employees and say thanks for all your hard work.

Whether you are interested in product discounts or just additional social events – it certainly adds to enjoyment at work! Companies can offer staff a wide range of additional benefits including performance based rewards, free food, free merchandise, at work massages and even discounts at local or partner retailers.

These points just might help you decide between a job you like and a job you love!

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  1. Annie Thompson says:

    Good article! All those things we need to feel good about our job and makes us stay longer in the company :-)

  2. Andrew says:

    I wish I could work for a company that didn’t undervalue me, managers that bully staff, focus on making a profit and not side tracking me with unnecessary administration. Hey whatever as long as I’m paid every fortnight.